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About Us

FlyMyWay is the world’s leading commercial drone manufacturer. We offer drones that are built with AI and machine learning to provide our clients with top-quality, high-performance, autonomous drones. Our mission is to make your business more efficient by providing you with the best tools available on the market today. Our drones can be used for a wide range of applications including delivery, security surveillance, photogrammetry and more! Our products are designed specifically to meet your needs so you can get back to focusing on what matters most – running your business efficiently. With FlyMyWay as your partner in this process, we will help you achieve success in any industry!

FlyMyWay is about great tech and great people. All staff are highly trained in safely piloting aircraft in all conditions.


Last Mile Delivery

The last mile is now taken care of by our team. We can carry payloads up to a maximum weight of 45Kg for 45 minutes! Our API-friendly management system will take all the boring logistics off your plate, while highly trained drones do what they do best - fly around and make things happen fast without any fuss or bother from humans or obstacles in their path.

Don't worry about traffic or deadlines, our drones will get it there in record time.


Surveillance & Security

You can rest easy knowing that our Drone Sentry Platform has your back, even while you're sleeping. Our Industry leading AI knows how to patrol your property and assets without needing human interaction, coffee or bathroom breaks! FlyMyWay's sentry drones will identify trespassers, monitor site equipment as well send real time alerts with pictures and video - all while being equipped with an advanced thermal imaging camera perfect at night vision surveillance so we are able cover every angle of your property. Our DSS (Drone Security Sentry) uses robust Machine Learning Algorithms to enhance Artificial Intelligence (AI), utilizing Weak Link Detection and Risk Profiling techniques in order to protect your business assets around the clock no matter where they are located.

AI is the future, our flying robots are continually learning, becoming faster and more efficient. They are trained to think for themselves and analyze their own past behaviour and experiences to better themselves.



Looking for the perfect aerial shot for your next project? Let us help! We provide high quality videos and production design for advertising or marketing purposes. Just describe what you want in an email, tell our team how many minutes long it'll be, then sit back while they film everything from above - all without breaking a sweat thanks to our smart drone technology.

Our Cine-lifter drones are specially designed to carry the weight of costly cinema camera rigs from industry leaders like ARRI, RED and Blackmagic Design.


Emergency Response

At FlyMyWay, we take pride in helping people. When it comes to accidents and emergency response, time is of the essence. Our rescue drones can get in the air quickly to capture all the critical details from above. From search and rescue operations to road collisions - Flymyway can help with everything from finding victims trapped within wreckage to recording vital details for subsequent forensic analysis of crash sites!.

Our cutting-edge search and rescue platform helps save lives faster.


Military Defense

The FlyMyWay team is hard at work on developing military platforms. We have a variety of different features for first line defense and reconnaissance that will be ready soon!.

We are helping to support our troops with safer means of reconnaissance.


Inspection & Photogrammetry

No more boring inspection walk-throughs! For the first time ever, your employees will be able to experience a realistic simulation of the site. With our interactive and engaging platforms they can learn how everything works in their workspace without any risks or surprises on site - which means less downtime. You'll get high quality results that will make your work easier & safer for your employees as well as clients or visitors. FlyMyWay's environment scans can be exported to most 3D modelling software to be reviewed later in stereoscopic 3D or VR.

Our industry-leading mapping solution is quick and accurate.


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Are you looking to automate your business needs using drone technology? FlyMyWay is a cutting-edge drone company that specializes in the latest technology for applications in various industries. We help our clients with everything from last mile delivery to security surveillance and site surveying, all while staying on top of the latest advancements in machine learning.

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